Google Search Results API

Real time API to get Google search results with ease. We've solved the issues of having to manage proxies, to solve CAPTCHAs and to parse rich structured data.

Developers first, as simple as firing HTTP GETs to:

Real Time and True Results

Each request runs a full browser even solving complex JS captchas and are processed immediately (except in case of unplanned charge). It guarantees that you get what users truly see.

Accurate Locations

Teleport yourself to wherever you want with the "location" parameter. We use both use Google geolocated encrypted params and we route your request via one of our numerous proxies the closest to your desired location to ensure accuracy. (Read More)

Advanced JSON Parsing

Including results from: organic, stories, shopping, direct answer, knowledge graph, maps, and local. And structured data for each: links, addresses, tweets, prices, thumbnails, ratings, reviews, rich snippets, and more.

All Countries and Languages

Supports all Google languages via "hl" param (Read More), all Google countries via "gl" param (Read More), and all Google domains (Read More)

Easy Integration

Regular HTTP GET requests will get you the results. Don't worry about proxies and Google changes. Just build your app. Couldn't be easier.

High Reliability

In the last 24 hours, API requests had a 99.93% success rate and were completed in an average of 4.51 seconds.

Simple Pricing

1,000 credits for only $9.97. 1 credit = 1 Google search query. (Add Credits)

Disclaimer: SERP API is in beta, and the API might change.